Automatic six head syrup filling machine

Everything About Automatic Six Head Filling Machine

Automatic Six Head Filling Machine:-

The automatic Six Head Volumetric Linear Liquid Bottle Filling Machine is Suitable For Bottles With Maximum Speed Of 120 Bottles Per Minute. The Output of Bottle filling Machine depending on nature of liquids, bottle diameter, bottle height, bottle nack size, and full volume.
Machine construction is fully stainless steel finish including machine frame structure.
Machine with optional turntables at in-feed and out-feed with individual drives to match the speed of incoming and outgoing Bottles for smoother operation. All part coming in contact with liquids are made from s.s.316 material.
It’s Working direction is left to Right going. There is a Volumetric Suction Type Filling feature in this machine. It is Suitable For Free Flowing Liquids. Also, Suitable For HDPE / PET / GLASS / METAL TIN / Aluminium Bottles types of Packing material.


Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine works on suction principle with diving nozzles (Optional). Bottles move on SS Slat conveyor and with the help of Pneumatically Operated Gating System, it comes below the filling nozzles. Once bottles are exactly below the filling nozzles, the filling will start upon sensor giving a signal of the presence of bottles.
Therefore, Foaming can be adjusted with the help of Diving System. Nozzles are with NRV to control the dripping of liquid on the bottles. The machine also comes with Pneumatic Drip Tray to avoid dripping of liquids on Bottles & Conveyor.

Applicable to Industries:-

Secondly, Chemical
Thirdly,Distilleries & Breweries
MoreoverCosmetics & Toiletries
Lube & Edible Oil
Food & Ancillaries

Salient Features:-

Firstly,The unit is made compact & versatile
Secondly,S. Slat conveyor.
Thirdly,S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body
Moreover,  No Container No filling system.
Reciprocating Filling nozzle with self-centring device
Pneumatically operated bottle stopper

Advantages Of Using Automatic Six Head Filling Machine:-

FirstlyHigher Production Speeds
 SecondlyReliability & Consistency
MoreoverSimple Controls/Lower Operator Interaction
Upgradeable Machinery

Machine’s Servicing & Maintenance

   Firstly,Maintenance of Machine:- Weekly Oiling & Greasing is Required for the smooth functioning of Machine
 Secondly, Machine Cleaning:- Advisable to clean the machine regularly Weekly (In case of Sticky & Colour Base Products, clean machine daily) for the smooth functioning of Machine.



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