Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine

Everything About Automatic Four Head Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic Four Head Liquid Filling Machine:-

The Automatic Four Head Liquid filling machine Oftenly is made compact, versatile, and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body.
The automatic Filling Machine unit works on the volumetric principle and reciprocating self-centering device. The Production speed Of the Oil Filling Machine is mostly 2400 to 3600 Bottles per Hour for 100 ml. There are 4 Filling Heads Available in Honey Filling Machine.
Fully Automatic Filling Machine Working direction is left to Right going. There is a Volumetric Suction Type Filling feature in Bottle Oil Filling Machine. Phenyl Filling Machine is Suitable For Free Flowing Liquids. Also, Suitable For HDPE / PET / GLASS / METAL TIN / Aluminium Bottles types Packing material.

The performance of the Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine Solely depends upon the nature of the liquid, height, diameter, neck size, and volume size of the bottle.
The primary unit of the Automatic Mustard Oil Bottle Filling Machine is consists of a Turntable, stainless steel conveyor belt, stainless steel syringes, pre gassing, post gassing stainless steel nozzles, and non-toxic rubber tubes. Pneumatic Single Head bottle filling machine used for various types of product filling.
To ensure anti-rust, We utilize stainless steel that is contacting the filling substance, and to ensure defined filling we adhere to the GMP and ISO standards during fabrication of the Automatic Ghee Filling Machine.
Automatic Four Head Filling Machine is a compact model used for filling plastic and glass containers.


Nozzle goes upwards slowly from the bottom level of bottle towards neck during filling to minimize forming adjustable nozzle is reciprocating according to filling dose.
Therefore, The dosing block with a hexagonal bolt, this means different fill size can be set easily within a minimum of time.
The main drive consists of a helical gearbox driven by an A/c motor & through controlled by an Ac frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute.
The conveyor drive consists of a hollow shaft, geared motor controlled by an Ac frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of the conveyor.

Salient Features:

Firstly, The unit is made compact & versatile
SecondlyS. Slat conveyor.
Thirdly, S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body.
No Container No filling system.
Reciprocating Filling nozzle with the self-centering device.
Variable A/c Frequency Drive.
Pneumatically operated bottle stopper.

Optional Accessories (If Required by Customer at Extra Cost):-

Firstly, Pneumatic Neck Holding System
Secondly, Production Counter
Thirdly S.S By-Pass
S.S. Flexible Pipes in Case of Hazardous Product
Flame Proof Motor & Control Panel
Moreover, In-Feed Turn Table for Continues Bottle-Feeding.
Pre & Post Nitrogen Flushing System
Polycarbonate Enclosure in S.S. Frame.

Machine’s Utility Requirement (Customer need to Arrange):-

Filling Tank / Storage Tank
Voltage Stabilizer to control power fluctuation
Main Electrical Power Input till Machine
Moreover,Well Trained Operator for Operating the Machine
Un-Skilled Helper to help the Operator.

Machine’s Servicing & Maintenance:-

Firstly, Maintenance of stainless Steel Automatic bottle Filling Machine:– Weekly Oiling & Greasing is Required for the smooth functioning of Machine
Secondly, Machine Cleaning:- Advisable to clean the machine regularly Weekly (In case of Sticky & Colour Base Products, clean machine daily) for the smooth functioning of Machine

Advantages Of Using Automatic Four Head Filling Machine:-

 Firstly, Higher Production Speeds
Secondly,Reliability & Consistency
Thirdly, Versatility
Simple Controls/Lower Operator Interaction
Upgradeable Machinery


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